Pemba Island is an island forming part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, situated about 50 Km to the north of Unguja island. It takes about one hour from Dar es Salaam and 30 minutes from Zanzibar.
Pemba remains largely undiscovered, not like Zanzibar where tourist infrastructure is well developed.
Pemba has hills, valleys, forests, beautiful beaches. Also it has the most spectacularly healthy reefs in East Africa , and has one of the top prolific reef systems in the world. So it is known as one of the great diving spots in the world. You might see Manta Ray & Whale Shark during the season, from December – April.

Pemba Island is also known as Spice Island like Unguja island. There is also large scale farming of cash crops such as cloves. It is said more than 70% of the Zanzibar’s harvest of cloves is produced in the island of Pemba. There are an essential oil factory near Chake-Chake town. It produces clove oil, lemon grass oil and Citronella oil etc. They export this clove essential oil to Europe, India and Russia etc.
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