Electricity supply

Electricity is 230 volts;50 hertz and you can find two and three pin sockets in Tanzania. Recommended to bring multiplug.


Most hotels and lodges have facility of internet. There are internet cafes in most of towns and some cafes and restaurants that have internet facilities in large towns.


Tanzania telephone country code is 255. When you make an international call, dial ☎000, followed by the country code, local area code (without the initial “0”) and telephone number.

If you want to buy cell phone and SIM card it is easy to buy with your passport copy at shops. The companies, Airtel and Vodacom have widely network in Tanzania and Zantel has good network in Zanzibar and Pemba.


The local currency is Tanzania Shilling (Tsh). Rate is US$ 1=Tsh 2,282 (May 2018). Currency unit is Tsh 10,000 Tsh 5,000 Tsh 2,000 Tsh 1,000 Tsh 500 Tsh 200 Tsh 100 Tsh 50.

Money can be changed at bureaus de change or commercial banks at international airports, major towns and at many hotels and lodges. Travellers checks are difficult to change. Places accept credit card payments are limited. Visa is the most recognised credit card and visa and master card can draw money from most of ATMs.


Tipping is in Tanzania is not generally, but in tourism tipping is expected. If you feel that quality of services you have received are good then to leave a tip to show your appreciation to person who served or guided you.

Generally tipping is expected following prices.

  • For portes at hotels or lodges, US$ 1 per bag
  • For Kilimanjaro Climb, Guide US$ 15~20 per day, Cook US$12~15 per day, Portes US$ 8~10 per day
  • For Safari, Safari guides US$ 15~20 per day, Cook US$ 10~15 per day


When you want to take a picture, we would recommend you to ask first.