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All inital prices include a budget option however you will have the chance to upgrade before confirmation
Tanzania has a wide range of accommodation to suit every budget, from camping to youth hostels to 5 star hotels. For travellers on safari you have to considerations before you decide if you want to do the camping or lodge option. Firstly if you camp in the safari parks you feel much closer to nature and the environmental impact is less than staying in a big lodge. However, the facilities tend to be basic, so if you have the necessary finances staying in a comfortable hotel/lodge can be very enjoyable after a day on bumpy park tracks. Decide on your preferred choice and we will do the rest!
Visitors to Tanzania are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out. In the main tourist towns, such as Arusha, Moshi and Stone Town in Zanzibar, you can pick from a wide range of restaurants and cafes offering Italian, Indian, Swahili or French style cooking, all using fresh produce from local suppliers. If you are on a tight budget you can find some tasty, cheap food at local restaurants serving dishes such as chicken and chips, rice with vegetable/bean sauce or the local favourite, chipsi mayai (chip omelette). Hotels tend to have menus offering a selection of different cuisine and at every establishment you will find a range of Tanzanian beers and international soft drinks. When you are on safari or a mountain trip you will be astonished at how good the food is despite limited facilities. From breakfast through to dinner you will be provided with delicious, freshly cooked meals that give you plenty of energy and nutrients to fuel your body for the adventure ahead.
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