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Come and enjoy Tanzania and all that it has to offer

We are a family-run tour operator with a number of years experience in organising safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs/treks, beach holidays and retreats and thought it is now time to encourage you to take that step and come to Tanzania.

Now that Covid restrictions and lockdowns are a thing of the past why not come and enjoy time in this beautiful country. We are all fed up with the isolation and boredom of lockdowns. Tanzania is open for tourism. (If tests are still required for your country of origin we can arrange these alongside your trip - we have been arranging tests throughout Covid for departures and are still able to fulfil any requirements you have without detriment to your trip)

Tanzania has many National Parks, including the Serengeti, and you have the opportunity to see the 'big five' here as well as many other animals and beautiful birds, including the breeding area in Lake Natron for flamingoes. Lake Eyasi gives the opportunity to experience the culture of the Hazdabe and Datoga tribes (the clicker bushmen) and Zanzibar opens the opportunity to visit Stone Town and enjoy the exotic spices, visit Freddie Mercury's house as well as spend time at the beach either relaxing or engaging in water sports. The variety of things to do is immense and the people of Tanzania are extremely welcoming.

Coffee plantations, waterfalls, mountains such as Kilimanjaro, Ol Doinyo Lengai and Mount Meru where you can trek for a few hours or a day or take more time to summit these mountains.

If you are into photography, filming, art, retreats or some other interest we can accommodate you. We also support our charity organisation through these specialist trips and can also offer volunteering opportunities with communities for those who wish to experience life here and to help in some way to making life a little better for communities.

Whether you are an individual or a group of friends, students or colleagues we can assure you of our attention at all times and our flexibility to organise the trip you wish for.

All our trips can be adapted to your budget; budget, mid-range, luxury, bespoke. Just ask.

Over the next few weeks I shall be writing about different areas of Tanzania, the wildlife and the culture. I hope you will find it interesting.

Please get in touch if we can assist you in arranging your stay in Tanzania or if you would like to know anything specific about our country that you may wish to visit.

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