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Preparation for Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mountain climbing in Kilimanjaro requires planning.


Download a copy for yourself here


  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Immunization

  • Insurance documents

  • Cash for personal expenses (You need to bring US Dollars issued after 2006 otherwise normally not accepted)

Head gear

  • Sun hat (Wide Brim) x 1

  • Knit hat x 1

  • Balaclava or buff (Face Coverage) x 1



  • Waterproof trousers x 1 (side-zipper recommended)

  • Walking trousers x 1 or 2 (convertible to shorts recommended) 

  • Thermal trousers x 1

  • Shorts x 1

  • Waterproof jacket with hood x 1 (ideally lightweight in case you need to use it on lower elevation when it's warm)

  • Insulated jacket x 1 (synthetic recommended because they dry quicker if you sweat)

  • Soft jacket, soft-shell or fleece x 2

  • Thermal long sleeve shirt x 2

  • Thermal short sleeve shirt x 2

  • Comfortable underwear and sports bra (moisture wicking fabric recommended)

  • Long underwear x 1 (moisture wicking fabric recommended)



  • Ski/Waterproof gloves x 1

  • Thin lining layer glove x 1 (synthetic recommended, worn under ski/waterproof gloves for added warmth) 



  • Walking boots x 1 (well worn in, warm, waterproof)

  • Running shoes to wear at camp x 1 (optional)

  • Socks, thick, wool or synthetic x 2

  • Sock Liners, tight, thin, syntheticx 3

  • Gaiters, waterproof x 1 (optional)


  • Large rucksack (NOT SUITCASE) x 1 (for porters carry most of your kit in - they carry this on their head so nothing hard please)

  • Day pack (comfortable small rucksack in which your waterproofs, water, med kit and packed lunch)

  • Sleeping bag x 1 (this must be suitable for low temperatures)

  • Sleeping bag liner for added warmth x 1 (optional)

  • Walking poles (recommended, very useful especially coming down)

  • Head torch, with extra batteries x 1 (you will be walking in the dark during summit night)



  • Good Sunglasses x 1

  • Water bottle x 1

  • Water bladder, Camelbak type x 1 (optional)

  • Vacuum insulated water bottle for hot drinks x 1 (optional, it help you to make warm during summit night)

  • Backpack cover, waterproof x 1 (optional)

  • Poncho, during rainy season x 1 (optional)

  • Towel, lightweight, quick-dry x 1 (optional)

  • Stuff sacks or plastic bags, various sizes, to keep gear dry and separate



  • Sun cream 

  • Lip balm

  • Toiletries

  • Face/wet wipes and basic wash kit (you won't get a lot of access to water)

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Toilet paper

  • Insect repellent

  • Personal basic first aid kit

  • Any personal medication or otherwise advised by your doctor

  • Camera with extra batteries (optional)

  • Snacks (optional, jerry babies are great & also cereal bars, chocolate)

  • Music (optional, great for last night on the way to summit)

  • Diary and/or reading book (optional, 1 max)


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